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User Review

you can do better.. - Reviews Direct Sound EX-29

The Direct Sound EX-29 have been in my studio since December. I do not use them to mix music with because I gave them a shot at that and it gave me a headache and a horrible mix. The frequency response was not very good and the highs where just too much for me. I did however use them to listen in while I was doing some video editing work and also used them for basic music listening. I would say the EX-29 are semi comfortable because the pads on the ear cups are very comfortable and soft but I don’t like the way the whole thing feels on your ear. It really doesn’t fit the shape of my ears and it just kind of is just sitting there. They don’t feel closed in, and external noise does become a factor when using these, that is why I have stayed away from mixing with them.

I am also not a big fan of the design of the EX -29, they seem more of an older style of headphones and don’t have a sleek design. They have held up very good though, and I have dropped them and had them in the bottom of a backpack before with a bunch of other gear on top of them and they still didn’t break or crack and work perfectly.

They come with a 9 foot cord which is a plus when you need to have them plugged in to gear that is farther away, and they have a gold plated adapter ¼. I would say that these headphones are more designed for singers in the studio or for drummers. They don’t bleed into the microphone much and most other people that have used mine say they are comfortable enough to keep on for a while. I just don’t think its possible to use them for mixing. They are inexpensive, at one point I had a few pair of these in my studio but ended up selling some of them. I would not purchase these again, and don’t recommend anyone else purchasing them. Even if your budget is small you can still do better.