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User Review

Anonymous's review - Samson Technologies CH700

I just bought € 30 because I had not much money and I had an urgent need for closed headphones. My old Sony MDR-V5 with his last breath after over 15 years of great service ... Rest in peace my dear headphones!
Char: 20Hz/20KHz 108dB in 64 Ohms
It sounds very serious medium! I would say a little too deep: The geometry of the envelope is elliptical in shape stereo forward, not half-circle as I love them! My first attempts are made with extreme type techno sounds ... No class! I quickly crafty with three EQ for treble and bass and -3 for a 3 on the knob phones! And that's a better temporary. Other test with opposing styles of music as rich treble .... Yeah right! But not enough presence of sound. It forces them to correct what we listen. For the monitoring is not great! For the Djing it can be enough if it is not difficult ...
For it insulates against the outside! For that nickel! But it is new and there are a lot bounding pads! My late great Sony also isolated from the time the pads were not cracked and become uncomfortable due to sweating.

I regret not being able to pay me that day a Sony, Sennheiser or a Audiotechnica! (I quote because I tested their latest gem. Great, but not given!)

Note that for € 123 less should not expect great performances!
I do not recommend this headset for those who sweat ears soon! It's a pressure cooker! Yet it does not shake so much! Wearing glasses is not embarrassed ...
Quality / price ratio? 5 / 10 go on a 6 / 10 for single-sided cord section of beautiful finish and honorable for that price ... And the pretty box ... lol
With the experience? I do not repeat them
Conclusion: If I could wait ...

Dsl guys of Samson ... But when it comes to this headphone, review copy .... Take care over performance of the headphone and a little less brilliant flourishes on the package ... But in the meantime I am disappointed!

Small additive two days later:
I found the EQ "fine" that corrects this dirty acute lack of which allows me to regain much of the color "original" and voila! Okay it's suppose to have an equalizer in rab at home ... But I sticking to my opinion ... It's not great!