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User Review

comfortable but lack mid range - Reviews Samson Technologies SR850

The SR850’s come in at a very low price, for them to be 60 dollars the frequency response is pretty good! They are a pair of semi open studio monitors that have a driver size of 50mm. They come with a ¼ adapter as well. When it comes to price and performance, I would choose these over some of the Sony headphones that cost almost double what these do.

Though the SR850’s have a great frequency response and they are affordable you still need to be careful with them, they don’t take much wear and tear and can break on you easily. They also can be a bit heavy when it comes to overall sound. I would not plan on getting a perfect mix with these but if these are all you can afford they will hold you over until you can afford to upgrade and invest into a solid long lasting pair.

The Samson SR850’s are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, they can be adjusted to fit your head size and they fit perfectly over my ears. I did not use these long, they became more of a regular set of headphones for me to just listen to music in. The bass sounds solid and it is very clean, the highs are crisp. But the mids are the issue when it comes to mixing in these headphones, they seem to make the overall sound really heavy to me. The SR850’s mid range is a bit shaky and can mess up your whole mix if you try to fully mix in these monitors.

But I am happy that I purchased them and wouldn’t take it back for anything because they are affordable and great to have around in case I am going somewhere and want to take a decent pair of monitors with me to listen to some rough drafts of stuff that I have recorded. They do need some changes but what can you expect to get for 60 dollars. This is about as good as it gets for that price range.