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Surprised by his mediocrity - Reviews Sennheiser HD 25-SP II

I have the HD version 25 SP for almost 15 years. I always use it for djing, audiophile listening, and even production (in addition to Genelec monitors and headphones Beyer Dynamic DT 880 Pro). I know it by heart headphones.

I wanted to buy a gift to a close. It no longer exists. So I took the version II. And then, disaster. I have done a A / B comparison with the "original" version II and really is not good at all, I was surprised by its mediocrity.

The mids are very forward, fuzzy bass and the stereo was amputated. A disaster.

If I remember correctly, the material aspect was not great either: pads for more synthetic not the most pleasant, and also more pressure on the ears.

I returned the headphone in the days that followed, and ordered a Beyer Dynamic DT 770 for almost the same price (30 € more?), And really this is the day and night. The DT 770 is a studio headphones or listening audiophile that already because it is cumbersome and impractical for dj mix, but it is not the purpose for which it was destined.

In short, very disappointed with the version II, I do not recommend this headset to anyone, just to mix (see fuzzy bass and screaming medium which spins the eardrums).

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