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User Review

popol333's review - Sennheiser HD 25 Aluminum

For me it is one of the best headphones on the market, both by its quality sound for the aténuation. I also use it at home to rest my ears, it hides all the noise breakdowns of appliances and computer equipment, a real bohneur. I have yet to test mix in club but I would an edict.

Only gripe size headphones, a little small for my taste but it the go a little more in the mix during good behavior when triturated in all directions.
The rest is a little quibble, I strongly advice

I use it mainly for mixing but also to listen to mp3 nomad traveling. I was looking primarily a robust headset with better passive attenuation. At first I thought from on headphones with anti noise technology active even if they are not great for the mix, then I had the opportunity to try it in the store and just stunning! headphones attenuate ambient noise ALL the store, I was conquered after malgres the price quite high, 250 euros. I hesitated with the Pioneer HDJ 2000 but also attenuation level is still well above the Sennheiser so I left it.

The headphone fits well to the shape of the head and ears, small gene after several hours of use of pressure on the side of the ears, but nothing too bad. The headphones are a bit small it looks like it may fall if you shake your head too but in reality it is good.

Finission impeccable, aluminum hull and the atrium door, only the headband is plastic so it seems rather robust. The cable is a bit short, spiral ca was the top but it's not too annoying. The son out of each earpiece seem a bit fragile, I peru that inadvertently pulling the wire is hard, but I think they stand out so you can replace them.

The sound is very good, crystallized with acute and well spoken medium, lack can be a little low but it is very convenient.