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Sennheiser eH150 Headphones - Reviews Sennheiser eH 150

They have a gray headband and two black over the ear headphones with thick padding that covers the outside of the ear. I use them in recording, listening, and all kinds of activities, because they're the best pair I own. I record through a Tascam US-122L into Cubase 5 for my various bands, in which I play bass and piano. I've been performing for 12 years now as my main source of income, and these headphones have been with me for the last 2 and a half of those 12 years. As for my musical tastes, I will listen to anything twice before I judge it, and I realize more and more every day that nobody can truly claim that they listen to everything. My favorite music is whatever I happen to be playing at the time.

It was a Christmas present, but I know that they were $30 when they were purchased, I believe, from NewEgg. They were purchased because I was tired of shabby quality in headphones and wanted to get into a decent pair. I'm no audiophile, but I do have a discerning ear to be sure. I was also tired of seeing headphones break regularly.

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They might as well be noise-cancelling without the extra bulk. The padding covers more than my entire ear very comfortably and shuts out a great deal of excess noise, allowing me to listen comfortably wherever I am. The clarity is what truly attracted me to them, considering how much I can hear on recordings that I have never heard before, until I got these headphones. I figure if I can discover new parts to songs that I never heard before, that's quality.

..........Yeah, I don't have anything here.

Fantastic. The 1/8' jack has a large enough grip that I can actually grab it with my fingers without pulling on the cord and risking shorting the wires inside. Sure the headband is plastic, but I have no idea what you would do to it in anything NEAR the realm of normal use that would break it.

Brilliant audio quality. Near-noise-cancelling level of padding that manages to remain perfectly comfortable on my head. Easy 5 stars for Sennheiser. Great job, my German friends.

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