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User Review

Bad and rebof, very disappointed - Reviews Sennheiser eH 250

I use it for 3 years.
I was not able to try it when I bought it.
What I like most: closed headphones. This is what dictated my choice (and my past experience of the brand), 3m cable is fine for a headphone room, but I'm using it more for listening to music, but only for isolate myself when I play the piano.
What I like least: all the rest greenhouse too strong, not its balanced, low-medium predominant strain that puts listening and uncomfortable. Price too high in relation to services and design, not foldable.
Its price / performance ratio is prohibitive compared to a poor sound quality for the music lover that I am. Too bad I could not try it because I certainly do not do it again this choice.

Taken with my digital keyboard (when I purchase from Woodbrass on the advice of the seller;! Very good keyboard but no headphone, no, no) The headband crushes the head, and yet I did not 'big head' . Icing on the cake, I have ears that are being boiled with the atria imitation that do not offer comfort. Use sparingly so.

Strength: so far it works like the first day
3.5mm plug. No detachable connectors. The earbuds do not turn and therefore allow individual listening channel.

Used with the digital piano. The (bad) surprise immediately apparent: The sound is absolutely not balanced and therefore not suitable for keyboard or monitor. This bump in the midbass, more than in the deep bass is literally exhausting. Predominance of mediums, flatness and smoothness of the sound. Shoddy product for this brand once reference (see my review of the HD40, acquired 25 years earlier). Other new products Sennheiser seem equally disappointing. Even when the sound quality is at the rendezvous, the material used for the cable reduces life often little more than a year. A channel on both becomes inoperative in many users. This is very unfortunate for products beyond € 30.