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User Review

moosers's review - Sennheiser eH 250

The Sennheiser EH 250's are a set of DJ headphones, but are suitable for a variety of uses. These definitely aren't my favorite headphones out there for use in the studio, even though I know they aren't necessarily designed for this kind of use. However, this is the only format that I've used these headphones in - for monitoring during recording and listening back only. A friend of mine has these, as they actually give them to students at the LA Recording School. I'm not sure why they chose these sets of headphones in particular, as to me they just don't have the best sound. As far as comfort goes, they fit on your head fine as they will wrap around your ears and should stay on pretty securely. They don't have the sturdiest feel to them, but I wouldn't say that the EH 250's aren't poorly built. Going back to the sound of the EH 250's, they do have a lot of low end presence to them, almost too much. I'm guessing that this is because they are 'DJ' headphones. Either way, this amount of low end isn't something that you're going to find on too many sets of headphones. This isn't really a good thing, as you certainly won't be able to mix or properly A/B anything with these headphones. However, I'm sure that they work well for use as a DJ, which after all is their original intended use. If you are looking for a set of headphones to use in your recording studio, I'd recommend the Sennheiser HD 280's, as they are comparable in price to these and sound a lot cleaner. I'd also check out the Sony MDR-7506's, which are a great set of headphones also in the same price range. For studio use, I'd recommend straying away from the EH 250's...