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User Review

to avoid! - Reviews Sennheiser HD 203

I bought it (without testing) to avoid amocher BeyerDynamic by one third during the recording (especially visiting musicians who asks me for help .. and for intensive daily use! but then!

for ergonomics .. try to comfort each place ..

for her ... Oulaaa disappointment!

I used it for 1 month ... its messy, not accurate (I tested it on different system .. listen from one source to another on the same track ..) and the bass worthy a nightclub electro-house .. I think they were designed to dream a night revelers IBIZA .... I have continually touch the eq to make it bearable .. then infra bass boomy and moldy .. sharp metal and plastic and so on .. and that there's on the box marked 'MONITORING' what a rip off!

Completely personal opinion of an amateur (although warned)!