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User Review

Excellent bass. - Reviews Sennheiser HD 203

Purchased today, so no huge setback ... But already used several hours.

I had other headphones (Koss, Sony, Philips) who could not make the sound output of my bass amp without spitting clipped well rotten ...

It succeeds perfectly! .. A low nickel, on the headphone amplifier.
Connected to other audio sources, he has a good return of other frequencies: I listened to several albums of different styles (Cocteau Twins, SOAD, Joy Division, Chopin, Infectious Grooves, Muse, ....) and c ' is perfect.

Apart from the sound, the other advantages are:
* Good sound insulation surrounding
* Comfortable pads (ear & headband)
* Lightweight
* 3 meter cable

Not yet found a weak point, I leave that to others more knowledgeable:)

I bought it at a price of 49 euros in stores, well, I just cruise at 32 euros on the net ... I do not regret this purchase 'premium' because it is the board of the seller who pointed me toward this choice.