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User Review

Great cans for your DAW and more. - Reviews Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

I got these as part of a combo deal partnered with a two microphone set. I had a different set of cans I was happy with at the time and figured they would just be back ups when needed. Well, being curious in nature I had to test them out before putting them in the closet and well I was very impressed to say the least. These instantly became my primary set and my others were exiled to the self.

For starters these are nice full sized headphones with a closed back design. The ear cushions are insanely comfortable and the head band is not uncomfortable. There is a coiled cord that comes down from one side. I am not a fan of wearing cans mainly because I do sweat a bit much. I did tend to sweat a tad bit more in these than other sets I have owned but that truly is the only down side to them.

The main reason I personally need cans around is for situations that arise regularly in my home were there is no way I can run any volume at all. I have small children and usually I get to record in the late hours when the house needs to be quiet. My usual complaint about the headphones I have owned in the past is that there always seems to be a coloring in the sound. Not a small amount but usually a big peak or valley of color that really pigeon holes the uses they are good for.

The Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones in my experience, while not perfectly flat, are the closest things to using a set of near field monitors. The tone is mostly even across the spectrum. The lows are full and rich while not being boomy. The mids are pronounced without being overbearing, they fit in the pocket. The highs are well accentuated and not harsh with nice timbre in the high end harmonic overtones. These are not only good for tracking but can be used to get a nice rough mix together that I found once I learned the sound left only minor adjustments when I was able to crank up my monitors. Feel free to use them for any other multimedia purpose as well, they sound great for general music playback and rule for listening while watching a movie.

I love these headphones and while I have not owned a ton of higher cost headphones I feel I can safely call these a best value for the money. They have lasted me for more than a few years and see a ton of use in my home. They are a definite keeper.