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User Review

Very good for sound design/synth - Reviews Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

These are very well-made and most comfortable headphones I have ever worn and can wear them for hours while twiddling and tweaking parameters in wee hours of night without neighbors thinking aliens have landed. These have in my opinion, the same neutrality in highs, mids and lows; exactly what I hear from my studio monitors with no insanely distorted bass nor aliasing highs--can hear everything clearly at ALL levels of volume. Very good bang for buck and am going to pick-up an extra set as a back-up.
Sennheiser have been sticking to what they do very well for many decades; mics and headphones, unlike many other manufacturers whom also side-step into making all kinds of speakers for sound systems--professional and commercial, and Sennheiser does this well.Sennheiser has never used the newest "seller-point-gimmicks" of having artists in certain genres "endorse a product" while forsaking their legacy. Have gone through a few other types in past that just to don't cut it when I am using multiple modulation sources/destinations in higher-end synths that also just happen to be of German origin.
Sennheiser provides a print-out of the frequency response across spectrum and if one used that in relation to setting-up the bands in a wide spectrum equalizer for just regular listening of music, will see why these are indeed the way studio monitor speakers are in being "flat and equal" with no exagerated lows or highs. You simply can hear everything, even at very low volume. The true test was using them with my newly added Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard that I now have polychained to a Desktop Evolver. True stereo path for a mono/duophonic voice where half oscillators are real analog, the other half digital, in-fact, wavetables--with true analog filterson both sides because this instrument can make the deepest juicy bass as well as in a good way crazily distortion laddened output hack highs--with these headphone not breaking a sweat with that and infinite possibilities therein.
The noise isolating/canceling is very good and can see why DJ's and sound guys at the helm of the band on-stage love these as well.
Only wished I had learned about these before going through a few other brands and yes, would purchase these for twice the going price. It's rare to be able to wear set of headphones for really long periods without feeling uncomfortable, nor encountering "listening fatigue", and Sennheiser makes/stocks replacement parts if needed for these, and yes, even for products of theirs still in-service from the 70's. Simply love them still--more than a year later, having put them through alot of synth sound programming. There's a reason the term "Pro" is utilized in product name!