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User Review

Excellent headphone. - Reviews Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

I had a 280 hd for several years, he finally give up the ghost.
I went on the Ultrasone Pro 900 after different opinions ... BIG MISTAKE, I bought a 280 hd is better without common measure, and 4 times cheaper than the pro 900.
I practice using headphones, I among others:
excellent Sennheiser HD 600 (perfect for listening to mix or simply listen to the music)
I also have rolls of STAX electrostatic headphones sr 507 with a tube amp (over € 3000 ...).

So I comparables for neutrality headphones, the Ultrasone is unlistenable for me, the 280 HD is EXCELLENT and more isolated masterfully.

This headset is underrated for 109 €, it is a sacred matter.

This is only my opinion, but I urge you to listen and compare ...
Good zic.

Used for recording sound and listen to clean defects taken.
Quite comfortable to wear, it is not tiring extended for a closed headphone listening.
Exceptional insulation, virtually no repisse

Very solid.

I find the sound of this very precise and neutral headphones.
I do not understand the reviews that say this headset is not low, on the contrary, they are strained, the serious down low, without the inflated lower midrange effect hollow sound, unlike the Ultrasone Pro 900 I has also, which for me is unlistenable.
The acute medium is perfect, I am very satisfied.