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User Review

Excellent - Reviews Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

I use since 2006, it is therefore 8 years already. I have other models, but between it and me, it's a long story "love", who knows why? :)

For its price, I find it excellent. That said, for the record, and because there is always relativized, a friend who tried it told me that it was "a pure dobe" compared to its Sony HIFI headphones 40 € ... Obviously with the HD-280 which has a very high impedance, the sound seems smaller and is far less flattering in the bass.

I use this headset for listening details for taking his battery, taking his song, and in addition to mixing and mastering audio, music but also movies. In summary, I use it for almost everything, though initially I had acquired only for its sound insulation.

Solid yes, since cash is still there and still going strong. As against the foams are destroyed in time. Fortunately, we can change them for € 16 a pair, it is rare enough to be stressed!

Everyone, whether amateur or engineer, will have its preferences for sound, according to his own hearing abilities (there are not two people who hear exactly the same way). The important thing is to thoroughly know their own strengths and weaknesses as well as strengths and weaknesses of its hardware.

I personally have a large hollow in the lower midrange and a slight depression in acute (due to age) and thus a tendency to push too hard these two areas. This headphone is fine with me, because there is not flattering at all in the bass. So I adapted and now I know how it should sound in the headphones to get the right balance.