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User Review

nickname009's review - Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

These are simple in design and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but not forever!

I've worn them for editing during mixing and also for listening to music while travelling or just for isolation. All of which, these have done an adequate job. In terms of sound quality, it's very neutral sounding. So in terms of listening to music, it may not be for everybody, as nearly all types of music, are not as 'enhanced' sounding as other headphones might be. But it is definitely very clear and you can literally hear everything that's put through it! All the clicks/glitches/white noises and pops are heard!

However, the sound is subjective and over time I've noticed that either these are very neutral sounding, or they're very bright and have a lot of treble. I noticed this when I turn up whatever it is I'm hearing on the cans, as the volume goes up, the high frequencies are boosted primarily more than any bass, so the signal starts to become harsh and shrill, not distorted though, these phones are not broken! It's just what I've noticed when compared to other headphones. However, they are not the brightest headphones I've tried. Though they are definitely very comfortable as the design is great and the ear muffs actually fit AROUND my ears making it comfortable as to some other headphones that squash the outsides of the ear thus making it not comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This isn't to say that I haven't been exhausted from wearing these, I have. And I've come to the conclusion that there are no such headphones that one person can wear for a long period of time and not eventually feel discomfort, it's inevitable, the only difference that different headphones make with comfort, is how long you can actually wear them for.

As for isolation it is also quite good. I've used it myself tracking loud guitars and my drummer's used them for both tracking and rehearsing with a click. He's had no problems hearing through them while playing. I believe these have become sort of the staple headphone for recording and tracking. Almost every studio I've been to has had these laying around somewhere just like a 57. Rightfully so, they're very adequate and fairly priced!