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It is in the old pots have done ... - Reviews Sennheiser HD 430

I write this post to archive ... do not try this headphone on "webshop" ;-)

This UFO was offered to me by my father in the 80s. It was the same, usually on his head 2 to 3 hours per day. I put it in a box for over 10 years, not having the utility.

Then one day I decided to use it in my office, listening to the radio or Zique evening. The atria were completely dead.
After a brief overview of the Sennheiser site, I noticed that they still existed in parts, almost 20 years later.
Mid-2000s, I paid € 16 for service of Vitry (94) without the order because ... in stock!

To date, I have not had the best headphone ears, balanced, lightweight and comfortable (open headphone). I recommend also to some ears between headphones of this type (over 300 €) before judging anything else. This will prevent us from writing ... nonsense.

That's why I buy only headphones this great brand. This is where, admittedly, the Germans have a few light years ahead of us in terms of industry and sustainability.