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User Review

powerchordfx's review - Sennheiser HD 650

I used it for 4 or 5 years.

Overall, this is a very good headphone but has a Hi-Fi This response is too round in the bass and treble lack details ... We hear many details about tapping CD (it is a little to it) in a home studio, it lacks precision. Otherwise, it is very comfortable and does not fatigue after hours of listening. Objectively, this is a good headphone.

Namely, there were 2 versions (I have 2 headsets HD-650), the HD-650 with capsules Minisys HD-650 and earlier versions that have capsules Minisys HD-580 (HD-600 as also ). The HD-580 was sold, I believe, in the 100/150 euros cheaper than the HD-650. So already, I like that way of having to pay a high price for the final product have a range below ...

One of their selling points, Sennheiser, parts are controllable to avoid having to change the whole headphone. Attention is valid for small room (cables, foams and plastics ...). For capsules, it is a different story since changing their productions from time to time. I have a HD-580 HS capsule on a headset (and I'm HYPER careful) but the reference to change the capsule is a reissue compatible, that means the sound will not be exactly the same for the two ears .

Stock of spare parts for a headset HS, change 2, ie it is the price of a new headphone!

So, given the fragility of the HD-650, I went on the DT-880 Pro, which really broke HD-650 in acute (surprising) and gives details in low (ie less round, less hot but at least when editing a sound means what we do).

Conclusion: price / quality ratio is not good: the strength, the exorbitant considering that the competition gets the same results or better by putting 100 or 150 euros less. Sennheiser is a brand that plays a good reputation in the world Hi-Fi high-end (Diapason d'Or, etc ...), but take the opportunity to sell their gear more expensive than it is actually worth.

I hope my second HD-650 (with Minisys HD-650) will not fall down because it is expensive the "joke" ...