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User Review

GREAT! - Reviews Sennheiser HD 650

Value For Money : Poor
I love everything about this headset, sound quality, quality of components, spare parts interchangeable.
Very very good quality / price ratio.
I have not tried other headphones, to the era I compared several expert opinions for nearly 1 month before buying it, I do not regret my choice and would do it again without hesitation.

- I use this headphone for 5 years + of my home studio, mixing and mastering. It is ideal, the groovy sound is clean and neutral, the speakers are useless to me.
- It is adjustable and fits in all sizes, very comfortable sometimes I forget it's on my head during movement in the room.
- Paving pleasant but nothing more.

- The headset is very solid, it is unfortunately falls qques times and remained intact.
- It has a detachable connector, very convenient because I can be awkward due and I pull too hard on the cable, I had the mind of the purchase on the internet for 20 euros ...
- The inside of the pads worn to date, but also the parts are detachées available on the net (for 50 Euros)
The wear of these spare parts is not a problem because in order to find all over the net, which extends considerably the service life of the headphone.
The price is matured (365 euros for me) but it is a real investment.

- Very very good balance, and he will hear you all faults.
- Perfect Noise
- Good insulation