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User Review

A good trs-ear headphones - Reviews Sennheiser Q350

I use this headset for several months. It is part of the product line "Quincy Jones" (marketing when you we care!). It was not that I bought it I wanted a good quality headphones if possible with built-in microphone for my i-phone, if possible, which insulates the collection's outdoor noise.
On all these CRITERIA, mission accomplished! Good prices, it one of the best headsets I've had in the move.

Caution: beginners j'tais enough of the headphone lacked size and low (not that I'm a fan of drum'n'bass but when same). Then I pushed in the atria in the ears and everything changes: the insulation is almost perfect (the level of what has been rducteurs with ambient noise, but without the drawbacks deny the battery or congestion), and the sound is excellent.

In short, in-ear is not to pretend!
- Good sensitivity
- Good balance of frquences,
- Several hours a day without fatigue,
- Cable and rsistant long enough (for now no worries or false contact)
- Good insulation (I can listen my music in the metro guy with the violin that makes the round in front of me, I hear it)
- Micro to the pter to softphone talking to himself in the street they say we are fl
- Even not too expensive
Summary: I am pleased with this purchase trs (same color green I got used).

If I had to lose it or if an alien kidnapped me and that I should use it monaie of changes, or if I should be confused in my plaster of pasta with pesto, or Quincy Jones comes to me r cuprea name, or the knots in my pocket were rptition CRER false contacts, yes, I would do this choice.

Yet the label "Quincy" looked like a scam to dpart !!!!! J'tais skeptical, really (not a true skeptic, what)