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User Review

Linn Sondek's review - Shure SRH440

I needed a headphone to save and possibly listen quietly result this model is doing very well. I am satisfied and if my choice was on it is above all for the brand and reputation of Shure. To the extent that I did not want to invest a lot, this model appeared to me as the right solution. At 90 euros, I was not expecting much, but in the end I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised to find so many qualities together for such a low budget.

Traditional Use: Recording for the return.
Ergonomics proves satisfactory, but not perfect. After two hours of use, I am particularly pleased to remove the headphone. It is obvious that the morphology of each play on the term / comfort ratio. Like all headphones, it keeps you warm when the summer sets in and the interior temperature rises above 24 °.

Difficult to judge the soundness of such a product after a year and a half. He is always there, in perfect condition! Still happy!

Although with a string of high fidelity and familiar with the area, I've never really used a headphone, preferring by far the restitution most "physical" of decent speakers that name. My experience is zero. But I can say that the frequency balance is met with definition and natural: no record takes precedence over the other. The stereo image? I find it difficult to quantify this for a headphone, I too used to listen to music through the speakers. It does the job if I judge by what he returns to monitoring.
Its strength lies in its isolation with the outside not only the wearer hears nothing but those present them either.