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User Review

very impressed - Reviews Shure SRH440

I use it for two weeks.

yes I have tried other models before.

unbeatable value for money and I would do this choice without hesitation report.

I wanted a fairly neutral headphones to allow me to play bass on my computer, I

already has a very good headphone (denon ah-d600), which is a beautiful headphones to listen

music play a game or watch a movie, but that is not really suitable for

practice bass on songs already mastered ... as often told each headphone

its usefulness, so I went to my local store an instrument music store but

which also sells headphones, so I could try the same bass and amp that I even

has, I started a pro HD280 ... I did not like hugs too comfortable head and

sound was not to my taste too much bass and not enough treble, I followed the pro hd380

same conclusion ... too low and not enough treble too tight head, I followed with a

sony 7506 too acute not enough bass ... by screaming against his comfort was good,

Then I tried a akg240 studio Comfortable but I found the sound slightly

cloudy with a midrange presence too in the foreground with a little touch

nasal, and then I came across the shure srh 440 and then the revelation clear sound

clear with no sail a good return frequencies upwards good bass

present but not intrusive low and high excellent medium and pitched well and this

clear but not attacking, this headphone is of exceptional clarity, no need to amp

either these headphones 44ohms impedance sounds as loud as my volume equal to denon

25ohms, in terms of comfort I know that opinions are quite divided over but

for me they are very comfortable I can wear them for 2-3 hours without a problem, this tells us

not all have the same head size so ideally try before you buy. for my

share this headset is definitely a very good monitoring headphones.

I used to practice my bass and do cover low.

it adapts to my head and my ears otherwise I would not have purchased, comfort is important too.

I found comfortable for long session.

the headphone is well built and feels solid, it's plastic but thick plastic of good quality.

the connection is detachable so more if something goes wrong.

Audio quality is very good.

sound level is fine.

it insulates well enough.