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User Review

Great sound at all levels! - Reviews Shure SRH440

My Sennheiser HD212pro having passed away, I decided to spend a higher speed, by paying me a real headphone (yet practical) for home (music, lounge, pc). I did not want to retry the experiment Senheiser (its too dark for my taste). After much research I ended up opting for the SRH440, and I do not regret.

The headphone looks solid, it comes with a jack and a beautiful gold leather pouch. The HP can fold. It is a little heavy but it does not shock me. on the other hand depending on how it is placed, the back of their ears quickly irritated!

Indicators left / right in blue and red are pretty and practical. The overall design is quite simple and just typed the 80's, I personally love!

Regarding the sound, that's where it gets interesting!

In fact the sound is generally very clear, very clear. The bass is there but unlike other reviews online, I can not find it excessive, they are dynamic on the other hand! The low mids are a bit to pick up more at once without the vocals are a little behind, lack of presence. The mids / high mids are clear, sharp cutting, precise and sharp without being hyper aggressive and crunchy. A real treat.
The record is actually very modern, there emerges a kind of permanent energy, fishing can sometimes change a few pieces, some appeleront that the "coloring". Yet the accuracy and precision instruments to rediscover the pieces: Full details and nuances that do not necessarily hear with headphones to the same budget. The trouble is that you will receive all the defects of a poorly encoded mp3, recording messed up, etc., but it's good for fnalement the mix! For now I found it very very comfortable on jazz, rock / blues, pop, and not bad at all on the metal. He should excel in classical and in respect of electronic and modern music, I almost felt like it was designed for!