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User Review

ricoute's review - Sony MDR-XD100

Model thus rather light plastic light enough
a very long cord coiled 2.50/3m not right I believe very handy when listening on a hi-fi in a chair when relevant, by a cons drawback for use where one player is not where to put excess useless cable!

Listening is relatively balanced for the correct headphone 25th (entry level) no bass or treble sensational sparkling !!!!< br> but not especially dynamic
Attention Performance 100db / m said, seems very optimistic.
For a Sony E638 MP3, the level is not high, you can cheat a little on the equalizer to restore some level of dynamic and above! !

PAr cons, not only worry is that the insulation with the outside is not high (it is almost like a semi-open), and this headphone seems odd stray pass back outside noise (I feed back into the fan noise of my pc in listening to the headphones .... very very strange!
So even if restitution is fairly neutral (an exception from Sony) and despite its attractive price

I could not advise, it is true that I'm used to my Xd53 Allen and I do not know if for this price we can actually have more.
Finally a product rather honest!