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User Review

moosers's review - Sony MDR-XD100

The Sony MDR-XD100's are a set of cheap studio headphones, perfect for when you need a few extra pairs around your studio but don't feel the need to spend too much money on them. This is pretty much the cheapest set of Sony headphones you'll find, and honestly they aren't all that bad. Of course they feel extremely cheap and aren't the most comfortable headphones, but the sound quality isn't half bad. I don't know much about the technical aspects of these headphones like materials used or frequency response, but that information should be readily available from Sony if you need it. I don't own a pair of these headphones, but a producer that I work with has a pair of these at his home studio as an extra set to have around. Since we're working in a smaller environment, sometimes it's necessary to monitor with headphones, so I was listening with these during a few takes on a recent session. Again, they aren't going to be very comfortable, although I wouldn't say that they're notoriously uncomfortable, they just don't stay put very well upon your head and the adjustable band on top is pretty cheap feeling. While the sound isn't great, it's definitely adequate for monitoring during playback or recording. As always, I wouldn't recommending mixing on headphones, and definitely, definitely no not mix with these! They're fine for DJ use as well, but don't rely too much on them to give you the most accurate sonic depiction. Overall, the best part of the Sony MDR-XD100 is definitely the price as they're some of the cheapest studio style headphones that you're going to find and in the end they do have the Sony stamp on them. Don't get your hopes too high for them, but check them out if you want some decent dirt cheap studio phones for sure.