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User Review

Surprising! - Reviews Ultrasone PRO 550

It's been three days that I have. Bought new on Ebay store importer (jukebox ltd) for the sum of 90 euros. Twice cheaper!! I had a AKG K240 for 10 years.

I love everything about this headphone, it outperforms my AKG, the DT770 I tested the HD 25 etc. ....
180 euros in a briefcase with two cables, two replacement pads (35 euros worth in others when you get to find) and a big jack to mini-jack adapter (sisi spa an error).

I found it at 90 euros but I was going to buy 177 euros mag. He is without a shadow of a doubt.

I use this headset to the mix and basically I have not yet tested for the sound.

This headphone is doing very well, we feel still arise on the head (295 grams without cable). However, he does not oppress the ears. Vbref, it is nice.

I listen to all kinds but mainly funk and soul music.

This headset is very very solid. It has two detachable cables with a twist. It must still some hours of running to get the very substance.

So much to tell you right now, I'm not at all agree with the audiofanzine test the headphone to 150 euros. Not trusting me to the test, I went to check on my own the words of our testers AF.

And surprise: I find the widest range, the more precise stereo, more faithful than other models presented low. I (AKG, BEYER, SONY and others) have found with either medium or low atrophied fuzzy bass. that's how he was mixing it 20-30-40 years ago while Ultrasone proves to be more in line with the sound of our time. It is a choice. This is the one I did.

The isolation, I do not care but it's not bad. There is repisse (not more than another brand)