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User Review

A jewel - Reviews Ultrasone PRO 900

It is expensive course. But:

* The audio quality comes at a price - always. I prefer a thousand times set aside for me to buy quality equipment rather than having the low end that will not allow me to end work "properly"

* I see it as a long term investment. I kept my almost 10 HD25 in working condition, I can not imagine having to change the PRO900 before the same period. Therefore, it is expensive to buy, but over the period of use (estimate short 10 years), I will be back in less than 40 € / year. When I see that within cost about the same amount and die within a year, a year and a half, I think there is no photo.

* Is what I would do this choice - yes yes yes

* I have not listened to a lot of other headphones, so I do not have the ability to argue on the benefits and shortcomings of this headphone compared to the competition. The only important point for me is that it matches my expectations. Quality - reliability.

Home studio use only. No dedicated room at home, my home-stud in the living room. I do not use more than 2 ~ 3 hours / day, as my musical activity occurs only in the evening after sunset children so I can not say if it is too tiring. Personally, it does not get tired!

I invested in a Sennheiser HD25, several years ago, and it was really the end of life (crackling / saturation in the left ear of frequencies) foam sticking out. In terms of comfort, tended to HD25 (too) compress the ears. It was a quality as the soundproofing was pretty good, but impossible to work with without long breaks. Here I can stay more than two hours of non-stop work with the PRO900, at no time did I feel the need to remove it to relieve my escourges (and I wear glasses).

I put 10 because it satisfies me completely.

The strength, I would not know what to say, I have not tried to throw it out the window D. on the other hand, large positive, the power jack is provided in two copies, and 6.35 mini jack. It is screwed into the hull of the left atrium and in my opinion it is a really good point, impossible to pull the cord if mishandled.

Also provided with a rigid carrier bag and foam twice.

Ditto for the note, it is absolutely in line with what I could expect from a headphone of this quality. I guess there are better or nicer but at what price?

Bluffed. This is the term I would use to describe the first listening done with this headset.

I generally listen to everything from jazz, electro, reggae, rock, not classical masses, but hey, to each his style.

To give you an idea of ​​the degree of accuracy achieved with this headphone: I'm a big fan of Roy Hargrove and I listened to his ablum loop Emergence big band, released in 2009. Well, we hear the triangle - distinctly!

So, after I do not have the technical knowledge to compare to others, whether he is pretty good at low frequencies, it has too much treble or midrange, but for me it is a real treat, a good tool that allows me to discover more albums.