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User Review

Arkonis's review - Yamaha RH5MA

I use it for too long to know him perfectly. I bought my
first HR-5 Yamaha in 1992, the last in 2008.

What I like? The sound: a back clean, smooth bass present, a fairly neutral spectrum
that reminds me of my Yamaha monitors.

Before I used the AKG K240, but it has not even made dynamic, so I prefer to work with the Yamaha even though it is not closed.

Unbeatable value for money: I paid my last 55 euros.

Indeed, I count myself buying one or two in advance to avoid the risk of passing
two years without finding one when I first became decays by a 4x4 which
had the bad idea to ride on my fly box headsets and microphones.

To buy and use with moderation