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The watchdog of any saturation .. - Reviews Aphex 700 Dominator

The device is a stereo multiband peak limiter. The multiband processing allows, thanks to a severing of the spectrum, to avoid having too many defects audible. Instead of practicing the limitation on the entire signal is confined to within three frequency bands. So if a transient discomfort in the bass, midrange and treble will not be affected. In other words, a kick will not drop the level of the trumpet, is a broadband limiter will not fail to do ...
This technique allows for a similar embarrassment, limiting the application of a much larger (this is also another way of seeing things), the result will be a greater apparent noise with the same peak level ..
For cons, the multiband processing has the disadvantage of no longer control the average level of modulation, as each band takes care of itself ..

In addition, the limitation, the Dominator has a system level correction in the frequency bands, we obtain a correction to both dynamic and static. Correction patch is even lower than the limit is high, there is a setting for two frequency bands, band width can be modified by switches. The return time this rule by a potentiometer for determining the ratio between the peak level and the average level.

The studio Dominator incorporates a sort of psychoacoustic effect, a kind of "improver" transient, it is actually a play on the signal envelope a little below the limiting threshold.

Finally, as the machine is stereo, there is of course a way that avoids coupling to the sound of walking from left to right.


Use of this Aphex remains very simple, there is no trap, the visualization of the restriction is entrusted to a scale of 10 LEDs common to all board limiters, it indicates the effectiveness of limiting the maximum working ..


The sound quality of this unit is excellent, no breath, no peculiar sound, the stereo image remains stable whatever the settings, which is not always the case with other similar product, in short all good!


Aphex Studio Dominator is very effective, this limiter behaves very well in all circumstances. His intervention does not have too many harmful side effects to hearing and remains an essential barrier against any overflow, which should be its main use. But as the restriction is accompanied by an increase in the apparent level Dominator may be used to increase the sound impression, that the current producers like unfortunately a bit too ..