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User reviews on Studio monitor kit products

hervet1's review (Blue Sky - MediaDesk 2.1)

By hervet1, 10/06/2006
Speakers + subwoofer has motivated my for use solely in the mix of my songs.


The frequency curve is great and the image stereo.le sound is crystal clear that I n "had never known avant.une superb dynamic condition does not push the son.ce is normal in any mix of interest push the technical specifications son.Quelles motivated your choice?

OVERALL OPINION since I have never heard a sound as precis.ce you hear the mix is ​​the same thing you find in your car or in your chain hifi.le subwoofer was not an addition it is part of all because all filters are in caisson.ce that does not for other marques.j have had a long history of MSP5 yamaha 8040 and has seen much genelec.rien superieur.les studio to luna states are equipped with these enceintes.cette trade mark is not known in France but I think it's the price Ref. no concurrency.

ohmface's review (Blue Sky - MediaDesk 2.1)

By ohmface, 14/01/2006
The system while a
I use it for my unquement as monitoring station computer music


Rponse curve is linear with a rev prcis very serious. There is no problem for rgler the box (and god knows how I could galrer with caissons, all abandoned my way)

The sound is extremely prcis, rather surgical and out of the firebox presonus a little too steep my taste.

The dynamic is exellent if you do not push the volume too


I use it for three months and I am very happy (I am considering the move to kit 5.1)
I tried small Genelec and Tannoy Reveal and I & r prf blue sky
against by comparison with my stereo system (McIntosh 2205 + Tannoy Berkeley - coaxial 38) is cruel, the tannoy prcise but are just as much musical (with the blue sky I have a guitar signal perfectly equilibrated acoustic and with my tannoy sound of a guitar)

I think however that the report trs good quality price.

melomane's review (M-Audio - LX4 2.1)

By melomane, 11/07/2004
Triphonic amplifier system of small size, extremely well built with quality speakers I use to listen to my music encoded in MPC out of a sound card TerraTec Dmx6 fire.


Neutrality good stereo image, deep bass and firm.


I use them for a month and the only fault I find is the maximum volume not very high but for 300 euros ...
I reacheterais carefree