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[Getting started] Buyer's guide to monitor speakers - forum Studio monitor

Buyer's guide to monitor speakers
So far we have focused on the room that will accommodate your home studio, its soundproofing and acoustics. The time has come to start thinking about everything that will go inside. Let's begin with the one thing you can't do without: a monitoring system.

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Very good,well written article. If I had no or very little experience in choosing a pair of studio monitors this article would have provided me with a plethora of information to consider. Just about every aspect of studio monitor design and marketing was brought forward in this writing and allows the reader to make some well informed decisions when shopping for speakers. The writer made it a point to let the reader know how room design and treatment plays such a huge part in acoustic performance of any monitors ability to be faithful to the media, that it cannot be overstated how critical this information is. Plenty of choices out there, I will recommend this article to anyone asking me for information on purchasing a pair of monitors.

Thank you,

James Long
Lancaster, PA
Thanks. Very good!!! :bravo::bravo::bravo:

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