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Yamaha Studio monitors

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User reviews on Studio monitors Yamaha products

Pure, Unbiased Sound (HS50M)

By aswilliams, 03/08/2014
I needed a good studio monitor to fit on a smaller desk. My main studio is limited in space and I was careful to find smaller monitors that would still deliver a perfect sound. I went to a local music store and a trusted salesman told me I won't find better than the 50M. They had the newer HS 5 in stock too but they still had a few HS 50Ms in stock as well and he said go with that.

I use them for mixing, monitoring and mastering my music.


The stereo image is great. I have two set at the same angle, an equal distance from my chair. Every little detail in my music comes out so clearly that I can't help but notice tiny things that I would never hear in normal speakers.

For example, I was mixing a project for a client and he had forgotten to adjust his mic pre-amp gain before recording vocals. He was unable to get another recording to me, so I ran it through an analog mixer to boost the volume a bit. Of course, this caused a bit of background fuzz to appear. After getting rid of as much fuzz as I could, I finished the track and sent it to the client. I explained to him that he may hear fuzz throughout the track and he responded that he couldn't! I listened in many other speakers and couldn't hear it, it only appeared with the honest response of the HS 50Ms.


I love how detailed the speaker's response is. I especially like that I can listen to the smallest changes I make in effects plugins and tell the difference.

If you can find these for around $200, they are very much worth it. If you are spending more you may compare them to some more expensive monitors, but otherwise I'd say you can't go wrong.

If something were to happen to my speakers, I would try to replace them with the 50Ms all over again. They are very nice and give you an honest perspective on the sounds you've recorded.

My faithful and tireless speakers (MSP5)

By Lhc, 10/09/2014
I needed something better than my hi-fi system to make electronic music with my PC! I was looking at classified ads but a musician friend of mine recommended me the MSP5, which were on sale. An important point for me back then, and still today, is that the vents are on the front, because I can place them close to a wall (I don't have another choice!).

Use: Home studio, after more than 10 years, they still work perfectly

No amp because they are bi(amplified), my setup consists only of two MSP5s connected to the outputs of an analog mixer.


I have not many points of comparison.

Frequency response curve: They lack deep lows (which is normal given the size of the speakers) and they have some sort of dip and a boost in the mids, which makes the overall sound more aggressive than with other speakers. I am so used to them that I have a hard time assessing sounds!
In any case, they have a very good dynamic response and at loud volumes the vents blow so much air with the kicks that you can use them as hair dryers! Beyond a certain volume you can hear air-swishing sounds from the vents, which is annoying (but only at very loud volumes, to rehearse with your deaf buddies, not a level you'd use for mixing).

I think they are best for rock, pop and similar, rather than electronic music or techno (especially due to the lack of deep lows).


After more than 12 years of use I still can't part with them (even if I bought some Genelecs, I'd still find a use for the MSP5s). I haven't tested any other models at my place but I have been able to use other ones in other home-studios: The big Yamaha 80W with subwoofer wouldn't suit me because the vents are on the rear and the difficulty to find the right place for the subwoofer. However, it's true that the lows go much deeper which makes it more comfortable to mix electronic music.

I have also used some Genelecs, which are certainly better... but the price is not the same!

I'm happy with my MSP5, which I know very well now. I also work with (good) cans since the kids' rooms are close to the studio. When a mix sounds fine both with my cans and the MSP5s then I can say it's okay.

They are solid, reliable, dynamic and a bit aggressive, you need to tame them (like all monitors), but once you do, it's a real treat to use them.

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