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User reviews on Studio tuition/press products

Tip top to take the guess (Elephorm - Apprendre le mixage audio en Home Studio)

By Ykar, 31/08/2014
In hours of reading on AF web searches, I finally bring myself to buy this training DVD. It promises more than 7 hours of learning, I was a bit skeptical about the content (too much talk, dilution of the subject, duplication, or other, perhaps? ...)

After viewing the 7:30, I put a notice on AF because this DVD is worth it.

Admittedly, it takes a little prior background to understand some things, the DVD is not a 100% blue cock that absolutely start from scratch. "Slope" on an EQ or compression, you must have already heard, but vulgaristaion is still very successful. And then issue purely basic concepts that do not absolutely mastered, there AF, records and discussions.

This is especially once past the pure theory (and this is required), we go live to the mix as a starting raw tracks to get to the end result. Step by step, we see that indeed that induce any corrections, hints at the key. Alexander BADAGEE is very didactic, clear, precise, not hesitating to remonstrate two or three times points or modifications to make it fit into the head and ears of the listener apprentice sound engineer.

I'll see my way to work to arrive at something more methodical inspiration from this demo to also correct some errors. Already, and because I do not have the softwares presented in training, I started looking for plugs freeware approaching those used by BADAGEE (including compressors), and it is clear that the corrections and treatments provided directly otherwise sound better than my two basic treatments STAN probably already because their dosages are easier to calibrate.

Training strikes me as a big advantage: It helps to understand that part of the mix is ​​made up of some automation need to practice, and that once these rather "mechanical" steps past (cleaning tracks optimization and EQ levels), we can focus on the artistic aspect that will give its final aesthetic to the song.

That is € 49 which are not stolen, as 10/10 that I put in the training.

iansorcerer's review (Elephorm - Techniques audionumériques en Homestudio (Edition 2011))

By iansorcerer, 11/02/2014
This is the first training I buy.

Very well done. It is not a complex specialization but the technical aspects of home studio is key, simple ways, and making the terms and very accessible technical explanations. Perfect for beginners.

Value for the right price.

Yes I would choose, I actually bought another home Elephorm training.

series of video tutorials for beginners (Steinberg - Alan Parsons’ Art & Science of Sound Recording)

By prprprpr, 08/09/2012
It is a series of videos produced by Alan Parsons than a dozen hours dealing with recording techniques and mixing. Full details can be found at the following address (

On paper, the series is very attractive but in fact we are quite disappointed because it is videos for beginner to intermediate level though insightful comments of recording stars bring a definite plus.

Alan spends a lot of time to redefine the basic common knowledge and by the way a lot of pub for Universal Audio and the examples are not detailed enough.

If this type of course you are interested, I suggest you set the "internal mixing" Steinberg

the author is certainly less known but the level of detail explanations and video clips are much better.

News Studio tuition/press Audio Recording Techniques

Published on 11/15/12
Video training site has added a recording course to its audio curriculum, and is offering about an hour of free training.