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A review of the Waves NX Virtual Mix Room plug-in

A Revolution in Headphone Mixing Headphones are great for checking details when you’re mixing, but to mix on them exclusively has always been a challenge — at least until now. Thanks to a revolutionary new Waves plug-in called NX (Mac/PC), you can put on your headphones and mix in a virtual control room with perfect acoustics no matter where you are. What’s more, NX also makes it possible to mix in surround, through stereo headphones! read more…

User reviews on Surround Sound/Spatialization Software products

Unexpected (Brainworx - bx_stereomaker)

By Cimerian, 16/12/2015
Used with Cubase6
Very stable
GUI is large and clear
Not CPU-hungry
Very efficient
A real plus for setting the M/S signal as you wish

It is possible to pair two instances by inserting two mono plugs
Hence, the signal ends up in stereo - which is just awesome!

Only takes a rather little time to get used to!

Incredible (Credland Audio - Stereo Savage)

By BAGIANNI, 24/03/2016
After the CARBON ELECTRA synth, PLUGIN BOUTIQUE strikes back... and doesn't miss.

What we have here is an effect plugin that will wipe away a large number of its competitors in the field of stereo manipulation.

Very simple to use, incredibly and immediately efficient, whichever knob you tweak. CPU consumption is negligible - so no need to moderate your use of it. Each sound will sound like it should.

Thanks to its developer, it's a real marvel.

It does the trick (Waves - NX Virtual Mix Room)

By rUgUeUx, 18/06/2016
I use this plug-in with the following configuration :
PC w/ Windows Seven, I7-4770k, 16GB, SSD (Samsung 850pro)
Berhinger U-PHORIA UMC 1820 sound interface
It's better to have a sound interface with at least 6 outputs so as to be able to mix in 5.1. Otherwise, you can also consider using out port emulators...

This plug-in is very stable and light on the CPU. Very easy to get used to, it also has a very complete documentation.

It is quite efficient, but certainly not the best. It was released at $49, but for its current price (twice as much I believe), there may be better from competitors.

An interesting included feature is the possibility to customize the plugin according to your head size. Even if, to complement -or replace- it, the best solution would have been to ba able to choose several hrtf filters...

No calibration depending on the headphone used is offered... a real pity!

The head-tracking feature is rather toyish and inefficient.

For $49, I'd do the same choice again (while still remaining open and attentive to comparable products by competitors), but for its current price... Well, not so sure I would ^^

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Waves releases DTS Neural Surround Collection

Published on 05/18/16
Waves releases DTS Neural Surround Collection, a bundle including three plugins under licence from DTS.

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