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Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 (Tutorial + Tips)

Waves Abbey Road Studio 3


Quick Overview

Waves paired up with the team at Abbey Road Studios again to bring us Abbey Road Studio 3. Based off of Waves NX technology, this new plugin is modeled off of studio 3's control room. This includes the 3 sets of monitors in the control room which you can switch to any via a button click. Stereo and Surround Components are both included. You can mix up to 7.1 when using the surround component.


ARS3 Surround


Waves Head Tracker
If you do not have the Waves Head Tracker, you can still use a webcam. It generally works well but it can have its hiccups. I do not own the Head Tracker but from everything I have read, the combination of webcam and Head Tracker provide the best results in terms of tracking ones head movements. You also want to make sure that you input your head measurements into the plugin. This has a drastic difference on the sound.




Who is This For?
This is a fantastic plugin for everyone, but even more so for the many of us who do not have multiple sets of monitors, the greatest sounding rooms, or work on the go with headphones.

Test Drive Abbey Road Studio 3
You can download a demo from Waves website and take it for a test spin to see if it is right for you. I also did a tutorial video on the plugin and also clear up the air on some common misconceptions about this, and similar plugins.

Cheers =)

Video Link

If viewing the video, be sure to have headphones as portions of the video will require you wear them to hear what the plugin is doing.