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User Review

limason's review - Apogee Big Ben

This is not a converter but a master clock, it will say what synchronsier numrique a string to obtain and / o keep the best possible sound and with fewer artifacts. we can attack in any format all display resolutions, and all outputs are active at the same time.
This means that you can concrtement gnrez clock big ben and all connecting both bnc spdif adat aes, and four copies to the BNC or the clock rcuprer aure a device spdif / adat / aes or the BNC "reclocks" by big ben to stabilize and return to the machines enslave.
Again just carries clock signals, not sound.
So we have everything we need in all formats utiliss auourd'hui.

Used for 2 years.
Likes: The ease of rglage front and quick implementation (I use it in car-rgy to synchronize records numriques, so rglages may vary) the balance of the signal returned Systm front which warned of a bad connection or a cable fatigue simple and clear digital display.
I do not like: and this is a special case (or maybe not ...) you must buy a dde sync video to it GNER natively sync a PAL of references, and c ' is for a one had been the basis for our recorders may have a clock PAL qynchro. But his grace FLEXIBILITY we could enslave in a spdif REFERENCE machine for the big ben clock recorders refers to DSIR with stability and a great sound. Carl'horloge normment plays on the sound of the converters, they are not everything. A Digi001 example, no longer on the agenda too ... sounds incredibly enslaved a big ben.
Great product, there are equivalents but are less "REFERENCE".
Qualitprix excellent report and it is a real product looks to the future (24/192).
8, it is to buy the card in addition to the native sync PAL y'en fed up with their Stantard NTSC standard, EMU had at least one standard to PAL for products sold in Europe ....