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Arturia Analog Modeling Synth Racks/Sound Modules

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User reviews on Analog Modeling Synth Racks/Sound Modules Arturia products

An adorable synth (Origin)

By astrolab, 27/11/2013
It is a rack, very well thought out, ergonomic, with wooden blanks (good idea).
Very well endowed with knobs, it also has a fine and pleasant joystick, multi-configurable and full of pimples everywhere!
Ditto for the audio inputs and outputs, everything is there and quantity!
Bel main screen color.

Beautiful construction. It really is a beautiful object that seems solid.


I have not read - or in outline - the manual. Many things are obvious if one has already had other synths hands.

Editing sounds is easy thanks to the plethora of pots, buttons. The ergonomics are well thought out, both physically and via on-screen menus. Nickel, it rolls itself. From what little I've read the manual, it is very comprehensive and concise.

It is a treat from 0 to interconnect modules CS-80 with other Jupiter 8 ... or MiniMoog! There's a spooky side in these opportunities there :)

There is also a step sequencer, multitrack, really well done and a lot of options. Arturia people have very good ideas!


This synth is capable of an impressive range of sounds. It can cover all styles and frankly all the sounds. Beyond his powers to imitate (via modules) classic (but what classics!) I heard sounds incredible rhythmic or percussion, organs perfectly credible, detailed, impressive FX ...

I'm not a fan of organ, but the organ sounds are very good and inspiring, even for me.

He excels in the lead, in large sheets, the strings, good big bass. Really sound fields is huge and very good.


I use since June 2013. I got the Solaris shortly after. It allowed me to get a good big week with just Origin.

This is a really lovely synth that can create 0 any type of sound. Really excellent for sound design.

It is a bit expensive new, but its bargain price is still affordable, given the enormous possibilities!

Sure, after receiving the Solaris, I realized that despite all his great qualities, Origin is a notch below in the finesse in sound amplitude and it is true that he a little taste of aliasing on certain heights and some textures. Well, sure, the Solaris is for me the synth extreme, a class apart (the highest in the digital synths??) In which I feel it is well alone!

But .... More ... he has something "a little je ne sais quoi" that makes him a beautiful synth-sound designer. The rack is really nice, emportable easily.

Some issues with output volume (Origin)

By sw80, 28/10/2012
The Arturia Origin is a virtual analog synth desktop module that has 2 line inputs and 10 line outputs. It does come at high price but it is worth it. I have used this with a cheap MIDI keyboard and it didn’t work for me, I needed to upgrade the MIDI keyboard in order for it to have a nice feel to it. So I purchased a MIDI keyboard that has weighted keys so I could get a better feel while playing with the sounds and patches on the Arturia Origin. If you can imagine a sound in your head, I am pretty sure that the Arturia Origin can create that sound. It may take you some time to get the parameters worked out to the way they will need to be, but it is fun getting it to the way you want it.


The Arturia has polyphony of up to 32 voices and a 32 or 16 step sequencer. There are MIDI in, MIDI out, and MIDI thru on the Arturia Origin as well as 11 total outputs. The Arturia Origin is not even as heavy as I thought it was going to be. But with it being so wide you cannot really call it portable.


The Arturia Origin comes loaded with around 400 presets, and there are not expansion capabilities. The soft synths on the Arturia Origin are by far the best feature though, the pads are pretty decent too. Despite the fact they took a long time to release the Arturia Origin it still released with some issues.


The main issue that I have come across is the volume output is not as loud as it should be. You will really have to jack up the volume and hope you can still get a clean recording when tracking the audio out to your DAW.

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