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User Review

Excellent - Reviews Denon DJ DN-S3700

How long have you use it?

I have kept about 4 months before needing to separate myself against heart.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Power HDJ-6000, CDJ 100S / 200/400 / 800MK1 and MK2 / 1000MK3 / 2000 and Denon DNS-3500

What thing do you like most and least?

The pros:
- Presentation beautiful, very successful design I hang immediately
- Quality, we feel that the production is up
- The accuracy of pitch
- The pitch bend to catch a piece quickly by pressing the + or -
- The choice of pitch for jumps 0.02%
- The tray, a treat
- The angled display, ends to examine the turntable
- The integrated effects
- Loops
- The ability to read the same key if I did not use this function

The -:
There are few but it takes
- The tray lacks a bit of torque and has a tendency to panic if a little strong stimulus
- Key features come to hand very easily, but it takes a lot further to exploit to the maximum. I had returned twice to the bar where I mix, the others have not been able to use them, they décalaient the hand for them was hard.
- The buttons, plastic buttons did not bother me more than that, but it is true that they are better at Pioneer
- Calibration to jog when you disconnect the vinyl mode is not very precise, but hey I did not care I always left with the turntable.

How would you rate the quality / price?
I have had a bit more expensive than the coast I think, but definitely not disappointed investment

With experience, you do again this choice?

Eyes closed, I wanted these plates since their release, I could have them and separate myself was a bursting heart, can mix CD with vinyl top is a treat when it's done. Now, I do not think resume, I account as soon as I have the opportunity to take me a pair of CDJ 900 whose price has fallen sharply, and then move on his little sister, the DNS-3900.