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User Review

blue.not's review - Heil Sound Talk Box

Well, it's a speaker in a metal box. An input, output, pipe and it cost € 180 in! So for what it is, and although it's expensive! Some people make the way!


Major weakness of the talk box, that's why I'll put 1 / 10! yes yes I'm serious. Already it has to be connected with two jacks HP. Good is not what it cost, but already it's starting to piss off when not. Then, and here's the most annoying, the dunlop talk box from home was primarily intended for owners of amp head and cabinet. It connects between the two ... Well, I have no statistics, but already around me, there is a large majority to use combos. So if you have a combo, there are three solutions: either we have two exits behind HP (which is my case on Peavy Valvestate 212) and here we are saved because you have to plug the entrance to the talk box on a HP output the amp, then buy a small adapter to connect the HP jack that comes from the speaker jack talbox in which the base is connected to one of the two outputs of the amplifier. And that's great, it works nickel. Otherwise (solution 2) you have to weld and holes to install these females entered and then create two Output hp. It's a bit shit for those who do not have expertise in electronics, as I do. Solution 3 have a second amp or Bafle, and therefore more investment, and an amp and more to lug around in concert, often for 2-3 pieces max. Not only the talkbox is expensive but it is more complicated to use.
Another small point a little boring, well it is used with a microphone plugged into a PA or other ... (Yes the sound comes out of the pipe) So if there's cool, otherwise it is not even bother to buy it, because we hear nothing. After I highly recommend to use a microphone like the Shure SM 57 to get to put it well in the mouth with the hose and having an audio output at the correct volume for ... the output volume is not super high. Last thing, once the pipe in the mouth, it is very difficult to play by watching his sleeve! And I also believe that extensive use should be quite harmful to the teeth and more.


There are two interests to have a talk box, playing with a pipe in his mouth and then impress people who wonder what are we doing! and then his cool that spring. While I do not use as few pieces, but hey it's always very fun to play with.


Finally, when I bought it, I did not know that its use would be as complex. And when I look at the number of songs that I play with, I think it's a bit of luxury to have purchased. I got a little mad because I'm a fan of Slash, Joe Perry, I also like Frampton. But maybe if it again, I do not buy it. And yes it takes up space, does not fit in my suitcase because I have to plug it in parallel, so it makes me spend two more jacks in my effects and amp, the song I end up with a 57 sm , so that initially I used it to dub the sound on the amp, as a result I am using the SM 58 (for singing) to dub the amp! short is a lot of galleys and change for a relatively low use ... I regret it yet, but it may come ...