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ANALOG HEAT IS HERE - Reviews Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines

Yes yes no problems, no incompatibilities encountered not need the visual manual step is sufficiently
clear without it.


Mac pro quad core 101 3.2 gigas gigas ram SNOW 10.6.8. So yes heat is present once again the effect is noticeable, but is both subtle and I like that feeling, like when you sleep mix
on a real machine, the congratulations gars.pourtant until now I swore that by my AMPEX ATR 102 and also the UAD Studer A 800. but here the choice will be difficult, so the grain is there. The krammer
tape is no slouch either, I'll have it adapted to suit the situation.


Yes I have tried just about the best, but this one fascinates me, it makes everything nice on a track, in fact I think that's the final word, I saw that it combined the m ' actually 4 so far.