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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
This PU was mounted on an Open G Telecaster, blending perfectly with the Tornade MS PAF '59 pickup installed in neck position. These Tornade MS pickups can be considered as small wonders if you look for a twangy Telie sound revitalized by the roundness of the Humbucker. Marc from Tornade MS made me the wiring like an old Telecaster, that mix as desired both pickups using for this the tone knob (i.e., the wiring adopted since 1972 by Keith Richards, among others). That's great, it’s possible to play the Telie on the bridge pickup by incorporating as desired the Humbucker (B/N = 60%/40%, 80%/20%, and so on). Forgotten the ‘57 Gibson PAF, which was originally installed on the guitar, and the Seymour ‘59 that had improved the sound a bit. Also forgotten the Don Mare Keefer in the bridge position, too powerful and without nuance. Now is the best of the best. Thank you very much Marc, the Telie rocks, it's nothing to say, it must be heard to be believed!