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Who's there ? - forum The Gentleman's Lounge

That's a game, just quote the number of connected members (on the top right of the page) :bravo:

Quote: 302 Connected / guigz / Logout


Quote: 318 Connected / guigz / Logout


Quote: 231 Connected / lux atra / Logout

Nobody, it's scary how it's dead... :volatil:
...a ce rythme la, on va ce parler français, non ?

Quote: 241 Connected / Zubiko / Logout

Mais +1 pour le français, faudrait faire un topic Molière et notre dame ou un truc comme ça :oops2:

Quote: 1068 Connected / guigz / Logout

hey dear zul'biko >…dcat%2C46000.html

Quote: 1068 Connected / guigz / Logout

is it a joke?
No, it happened when the french AF was not reachable during all the week end..

8.5 Log off 2344 online usersoh god, it's a realy funny game!

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