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French people on AF are mean

It is known.
No, it was not, but now I know it. :-D
mdr sorry lol

So we start the invasion of the English Lounge. :8)
But one question, why do you have a lounge and we have a pub and not a bistro?
French people on AF are mean
Well, that's just like, your opinion, man. :oops2:
we have a pub

It look like a PMU currently. :oops2:
Rude people fighting over meaningless issues all the time, looks like a pub to me...:oops2:
hey hey hey, that´s a pub or a PMu ?ß?
we are here now and we are waiting for the french speaking people and when it´s possible eng. writing.
Off topic:
bonchour che schui foonck é che fieee an allemmagnneee

obviously they're mean, it's like suddenly all french turn into parisian assholes when hiding behind their computers