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Comments about the review: One Small Step for Men... - forum Universal Audio Apollo Duo

Universal Audio is a brand like no other in the pro audio world. The company has been competing in the hardware market for over 50 years with preamps, compressors and channel strips. But it has also been present in the plug-in market for about a decade with the famous UAD DSP platform. We have always wondered what would happen if Universal Audio were to combine their analog and digital technologies. Introduced at the NAMM 2012, the Apollo is the first answer. Focus on the Universal Audio interface!

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Hey, I like the review but wonder why audio manufacturers never copied what digi protools hd systems had done for years. Zero latency recording was always there and could have been achieved by putting the chips on a pci card then pcie then msata and now thunderbolt. Well we could have all played in time with no latency for years if they had done what was right. Now that intel has created a thunderbolt port they will all be jumping on the zero latency bandwagon for their $150.00 and up interfaces. Well me and my band have recorded with latency for soooo looong I think I kind of like it? and might just stay out of time for some time. Hey that might be a song. Peace, love and Jesus. Steviee