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User Review

Superb! - Reviews Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

What characteristics have motivated your choice?

- I hesitated a lot before buying this particular Apollo with the Apogee Duet for its preamps and Focusrite Forte for his converter ... and finally it is Apollo who won! Indeed, the converter is really good, and I'm not talking about really nice preamp and easy to set up through the system of "remote control" of the preamp with DSUs. But what motivated me most is the price! The twin is almost the price of a DSU with a sound card really high end ... more

With which instruments or systems you use it? For what purpose?

- I utilisai previously with Blue Robbie preamp microphones upstream, but after many comparative tests I prefer to use the apollo preamps are really smooth for my use. I use it mainly to catch guitar / bass and synths, and the result is here! A clear and transparent sound, a less typical MOTU and a real level of gain on the preamp.


The drivers are stable? Are they often updated? What software do you use most often?

- Drivers are very stable! I had no problems until now. They are updated regularly ... every time a new plug out.

Beyond the drivers it is a really nice card to use. The front is very ergonomic: no need to open the "console" to set the I / O. It also allows me to manage the monitoring (speakers and headphones) accurately.

I used a lot of UAD, which I find very successful. There must be a dozen plugs installed with the card, which more than sufficient to start (a preamp, compressor, limiter, EQ ...)


The installation is done it without problems? The general configuration is easy?

- Installation is not the easiest in the world, but at the same time it is not without a presonus drivers ...
The grip is relatively simple, the "Console" is really easy to use and provides a lot of routes!

It is noted in the system quickly that the card is detected and it PCIe preferences, it does! Indeed it is a real card in Thunderbolt, unlike versions "rack" of Apollo, which really feels when the virtual outputs of the card is used.


How long have you use it?

- I use it for about 6 months, and I have not encountered any major problems so far.

What is so special that you like most and least?

- Plus: The price / quality ratio. Sound card and high-end plugs that hold the road for not much more than a UAD

- The least: we should be able to leave a cable connected to the instrument input and switcher to use one rear entrance to his liking. and no midi ...

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

- Without hesitation, yes! Apollo strongly a "rack" with a real Thunderbolt interface and MIDI!