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User Review

topsykretts's review - Bach Vincent telecaster

It is mahogany, with 1 or 2 or 3 pieces, ca depent in luck!

It has a vintage bridge, with two microphones for the brand.

Go to the website for more info!
In any case, it is super heavy, but I ca not bother me one bit!
I put eight because the pickguard and the bridge is too cheap


The handle is a killer! a real handle telecaster, really comfortable, I do not let go, a real treat!

Access to acute is not bad, a telecaster!

It is heavy, as I already said, it is well balanced.
Electronic level I find no default, it plays its role
8 because the finish is not extraodinaire, but it does;)


AHAH his level!
I play punk rock with my band and my house everything from gypsy, rock and roll, really everything
The neck pickup is downright fun, but super low output level, but that's normal. Distortion in the grain is a bit messy, but it must come from my Proco Rat: D
In middle, there is a good well rounded and a telecaster dry, clean sound and distortion juissif it is so so, I do not like this position generally distortion.

In Bridge ... Rock'n'Roll baby! Bin ca twang! much, really dry and sharp, super aggressive, it's appalling! I changed the microphone by GFS telecaster and it wound on the same sound but with more potatoes! a treat!

Even for large distortion ca not move, but we feel that it remains behind a single microphone.


I bought on a whim, I wanted a telecaster natural color and I found it!

I use it for a year and soon it's not going to stop.

Value for money EXTRA! more the brand is now the custom shop

I would do this choice with his eyes closed