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User Review

DubiousDubs's review - Remo ER-0006-00

This is a review of the 6” remo roto tom I purchased as a 3 piece set. I love this remo 6” roto tom because it embodies all the necessities of a good tom, without sticking to the fundamental rules and playing the old systematic ways of creating a typical octobon or tom-tom shell. It is light, it is maneuverable. This is a great asset for me because I can mount it in line with my toms on my set and still have clearance for various china and other cymbals. I can also still see my band mates and visibility is not compromised as the heads themselves are see through and light. I especially like how simplistic the design is, as with most things, this allows for less breaking parts, less configurable disasters mid session, and quicker set up times in the studio and live gigging.

In a simple way, this is exactly what it claims to be. I purchased this unit to acquire a Neil Peart like sound for his 1980’s Rush stuff. It was a gamble for sure, as this unit is most likely meant to be used with maillots in an orchestral setting, timpani replacements for those on strict budgets. However, I’ve found they excel at adding top end to my tom selection of noises.

Honestly, there is no down-side to purchasing this roto-tom, it is cheap, made nice, no extra stuff necessary (works great with a standard drum tuning key, and sound fantastic. I’ve never had to muffle them, this 6” unit does not re vibrate other sounds, and while transportation is a bit dangerous considering the drum head is exposed on both the tom and bottom, it is light and easily transported.

The only thing I noticed that can be a slight annoyance, is that after aggressive play, the bottom bolt can work its way loose. Some loc-tite from home depot solves this issue immediately.