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User Review

DubiousDubs's review - Remo ER-0010-00

I have the other 2 sizes, 6” and an 8”, and these three are an awesome addition to any drummer looking to play progressive rock music, Latin, jazz, anything with world instrumentation. Also, these are great if you are into world music and looking to broaden your percussion approach from beyond the typical “jazz setup” drum throne.

The good news is this unit is cheap. The better news is it sounds absolutely fantastic. The best news is it will stay strong for a long time, and will have tons of different uses both as a addition to an awesome drum rig, or to complement some soft atmospheric pieces.

This 10 inch is very easy to set up and tune and have made a nice addition to my kit. The tonal quality is just as I expected, very good for one’s money, and help "mix" things up when looking for additional tom sounds. With the ease in which I can tune these is the best feature of all. Sometimes I am in the middle of playing anything on it, and I quickly rotate it quick for a great change in pitch as it resonates. This can add a nice touch to the song if you use it correctly. After you get comfortable switching as you play, it sounds amazing. I have marked with sharpie marker the different settings I like for the various tunings for some pieces I play. Since they can be tuned melodically, this is a great asset to any percussionist, or rum player alike, regardless of skill.

I notice when people check out my set, they seem to gravitate towards my roto-toms. I don’t know why, but I can guess it is because they look so different from the rest of my drum kit. They are really cool, easy to maneuver, easy to use and add a ton of functionality without taking up as much space as the instruments they replace. I would recommend this 10 inch with purchase of the 8 and 6 as well, to add to any existing rig or other percussion already owned regardless of skill level, beginner, expert alike.