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Reviews Touch tablet

Making Music on the iPad

The iPad for Musicians: Present State Considered a bulky iPhone by its detractors when it was first presented, the iPad has been revolutionizing the market of mobile computing ever since — and our DAWs as a consequence. A good enough reason to take a stand on the issue. Let's start with an overview of Apple's offering. read more…

Could the Apple iPhone be the best portable recorder?

My iPhone is an 8-Track Recorder The iPhone is a great little piece of machinery. It can do anything! What's the weather going to be like in Chicago tomorrow? At what time does Police Academy 17 run again? 7:20pm. A Bomberman game? No problem-o. Lady Gaga's latest hit? You got it. We're just missing some useful tools for musicians... You think? They are already here. read more…

User reviews on Touch tablet products

overpriced (Apple - iPad 2)

By AlanForPresident, 08/05/2012
The Apple Ipad 2 is a lot of fun to have. I must admit I spend a lot of time on it downloading apps and playing games. But that’s just it, its all fun. I really wouldn’t be able to do too many emails or writing on it, because it’s a touch screen and if you are use to typing on a convention computer than typing on the Ipad 2 will cause a lot of typos.

The Apple Ipad 2 is very easy to understand though, there really isn’t anything difficult about it. It is also very thin and light. I am scared that one day I will drop it when taking it someone where and then there will be no more Ipad. I just don’t think its built to take a beaten. One drop and that’s it! The screen is a good size on it and the quality is pretty good, I watch a lot of movies on mine mainly from Netflix. I received my Apple Ipad 2 as a gift and im glad that I did because I would never pay 500 plus dollars for it. I would rather have a PlayStation 3 because at the end of the day all you will do is play around on it and watch a few videos here and there. Which you can do on your phone now a days. I suggest going with the Kindle fire. You can basically do the same stuff play the same games and its a lot cheaper that the Apple Ipad 2. So I don’t see myself getting another Ipad if something happens to mine (which is likely because its not built to take a drop). Saver your money and get a regular tablet. You are paying for the name on this one. Apple has been overpricing products for years.

Low Price, but slow processor (arnova - 7)

By AlanForPresident, 09/09/2012
I have used the Arnova 7 tablet a few times and at first glance it is a really nice looking tablet. It feels good in your hands and has a nice weight to it, but isn’t to heavy. It can support 720 HD videos and has 4GB of flash memory. I am not too sure of any other way to have internet on this tablet unless you have wifi around your house or wherever you are at. I don’t think you can get a plan for it through a cell phone company. The price of this tablet is what makes it so appealing but I wouldn’t jump for it just yet if I were you. The Processor on it is extremely slow especially if you are use to being on a regular computer or on a iPad. It seems like it takes forever to open up stuff or to get websites to load. It does come with Android 4.0 installed which is pretty good for a tablet that doesn’t have a very fast processor, at least you will be able to have all the latest games and apps from the google play store via Andrioid.


The fact that this is only 100 dollars is what makes people purchase it, with the price of other tablets being more and iPads being way more, it almost makes it a must buy at this price. For the price of it, I don’t know what else you can really expect. Because if you want an iPad then you will need to save up your money and get an iPad. This will not do it for you if you want a faster processor and full HD screen.


Everything works great with the Arnova 7 and I have had it really get “buggy” on me any time while I was using it. But I did not keep it, I returned it because it just wasn’t what I really wanted. If all you can afford is a 100 dollar tablet and you really want a tablet then this will work for you. But I saved up and got my self a used iPad for the time being.


You really wont need a manual with the Arnova 7 , but it does come with one if you want to look at it. Everything is pretty self explanatory kind of like when you first purchase a new cell phone, you just mess with it until you got everything figured out.

niconel's review (Apple - iPad Air)

By niconel, 20/08/2014
IPad Air 32 Gb, A7 processor, OS7,wifi.
10h battery life
Lightning connection.
The retina display is what seduced me straight away.
It is extremely light.


It's a very pleasant tablet because it has no bugs and it's pretty fast (compared to the iPad 2 for example)
I've had no issues with the wifi.
It takes about 20 seconds, tops, to load big applications like Garageband.
Its lightness and retina display are a significant asset because you can use it often vertically to read, for example.


I use it mainly with Garageband to record myself and then transfer it to my iMac to master it.
I have an itrack dock from Focusrite to plug in my instruments.
It's awesome to be able to record my ideas and send them straight away to my musician friends without the need to transform anything.
I wish I had an iMac exclusively for music but that's beyond my possibilities right now. The ipad + itrack dock solution cost me $700, but an iMac + interface is $1300.
I use it both at home and on the road.
In terms of apps, I find it's a bit rigid because you need to really do it the way it wants. You can't drag a folder, for example, you have to open it with such or such app; transfers between a mac and the iPad are pretty complicated (you have to use iTune or iCloud).
Anyway... I'm used to it.


I've used an ipad 2 for 1 year and now this one, which I've been using exclusively for music for two months.
I didn't try other brands because the other brands don't offer the performances nor the accessories that I need for music creation. Besides, we have an iMac at home.
I must say that I turned to Apple after always having worked with Windows.
If you want to get similar performances, Apple and the rest cost the same. But a Mac gives you less problems.
I chose this product for its quality, I don't want a toy for my home studio.
I only find its operation is a bit rigid.

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Marshall designs its own smartphone

Published on 07/17/15
Marshall introduced yesterday during a special event its very first musician-oriented London smartphone based on the Android OS.

USB audio soon on Android?

Published on 07/07/14

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