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User Review

niconel's review - Apple iPad Air

IPad Air 32 Gb, A7 processor, OS7,wifi.
10h battery life
Lightning connection.
The retina display is what seduced me straight away.
It is extremely light.


It's a very pleasant tablet because it has no bugs and it's pretty fast (compared to the iPad 2 for example)
I've had no issues with the wifi.
It takes about 20 seconds, tops, to load big applications like Garageband.
Its lightness and retina display are a significant asset because you can use it often vertically to read, for example.


I use it mainly with Garageband to record myself and then transfer it to my iMac to master it.
I have an itrack dock from Focusrite to plug in my instruments.
It's awesome to be able to record my ideas and send them straight away to my musician friends without the need to transform anything.
I wish I had an iMac exclusively for music but that's beyond my possibilities right now. The ipad + itrack dock solution cost me $700, but an iMac + interface is $1300.
I use it both at home and on the road.
In terms of apps, I find it's a bit rigid because you need to really do it the way it wants. You can't drag a folder, for example, you have to open it with such or such app; transfers between a mac and the iPad are pretty complicated (you have to use iTune or iCloud).
Anyway... I'm used to it.


I've used an ipad 2 for 1 year and now this one, which I've been using exclusively for music for two months.
I didn't try other brands because the other brands don't offer the performances nor the accessories that I need for music creation. Besides, we have an iMac at home.
I must say that I turned to Apple after always having worked with Windows.
If you want to get similar performances, Apple and the rest cost the same. But a Mac gives you less problems.
I chose this product for its quality, I don't want a toy for my home studio.
I only find its operation is a bit rigid.