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User Review

Simple and effective, perfect for front - Reviews Zero 88 Sirius 24

Simple to handle console. In just half an hour, I could start programming the light of an orchestra.
A reliable product that you can use to have used it in a theater where everyone can access it.
After the simplicity of the console will not use on large shows. But for theater, performances of schools, one side of an orchestra, it fits perfectly.
However, be careful, it exists in two versions, I actually have, in 0-10V and 0-10V + DMX. The first € 200 has no interest.
If I have a gripe, because there is one anyway. Is that sirius has only 6 submaster. Even with the system simple and modifiable live, if we add some effects that are outside the traditional (smoke machine, fan, ... T8) assignment, it may be a little short of submasters.